About Us

    Lehigh Valley Association of certified Fraud Examiners

    The Lehigh Valley Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (LV ACFE) was established in 2002.  We are the 103rd Chapter to be recognized as an affiliate of the National Association.  In our first few years we held only four meetings a year, mostly organized by a handful of the core group of founding CFEs.  The Lehigh Valley Chapter was fortunate to continue to expand our original group to include more local professionals and soon had representatives from many fraud-related occupations: insurance/loss prevention, legal, accountants and auditors, investigators, computer forensic specialists, and federal/state/local law enforcement just to name a few.  Our chapter membership has grown from the 12 founding CFEs in 2002 to 100 members in 2018.  We now offer six to eight chapter meetings/events per year.